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User Info: NightmareKind

6 years ago#1
I tried it briefly back when it first came out, but had terrible performance on my old machine. With powerful modern hardware, I can now run this comfortably with the Unified Texture Pack and cranked up AA. I even made all the adjustments necessary for widescreen. I'm willing to overlook the game's shortcomings compared to its predecessor, and I think now I can appreciate this as a decent game in its own right. There may just be a rewarding experience in it, despite all the criticism. I encourage others to give this game a chance as I have. Forget that it's the sequel to Deus Ex and just play it.

User Info: MoodyHoe

6 years ago#2
Played it,hooked to it,loved it a lot.

Was choosing whether to play this or Deus Ex 1 but after trying DX1 I couldn't get past the very dated graphic,so I opted to this one instead...and it is one of the greatest fps-rpg game I ever played. Perhaps DX1 offer better stories,I wouldn't know,but from the viewpoint of someone new to the series I say this game still packs a punch.
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User Info: bionicman_3090

6 years ago#3
Awe man. The dated graphics, yeah, but it couldn't have been all bad, could it? There are some mods that improve the graphics for DE 1 which you could try. It might help you appreciate how truly special the prequel is compared to the sequel. I'm not saying that IW is bad. Not at all. I loved IW too.
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