I think Kirie is a better villain than Sae

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User Info: Zikten

5 years ago#1
Sae is just this crazy girl who laughs a lot. Yea, she's a psycho. We get it. But Kirie is different..... She gives off this aura of pure, cold and calculating evil. I don't know about you, but I think someone who ISN'T laughing is far more scary. Just pure focused malice.

User Info: Externica

5 years ago#2
Sae snapped, that's why she laughed, I believe.
But I agree, she's just a little girl who doesn't do much. It was the Kusabi who killed everything.

But Kirie... that woman scared me so much. Her introduction at the end of the first night... I never liked mirrors very much, but that...

I must also say, PZ2 was never my favourite game in the series. The biggest plot hole was:
Why doesn't Mio and Mayu try to wlak through the fiorest. Just because there's no path doesn't mean there's no way out. Not even the remake explains why the girls can't make it through the forest. I really don't buy the "We're trapped in the village"-nonsense.

Kirie on the other sealed the doors to Himuro Mansion.

Do I need to say that the first game in the series is still my favourite?
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  3. I think Kirie is a better villain than Sae

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