Press Start Screen?

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User Info: Blaise97

6 years ago#1
At the press start screen. either the narrator or a certain character in the game will say " Soul Calibur 2!". I've resetted the game 10 times in a row. Done arcade mode. done survival mode. and done exhibition theater. and even viewed a character's profiles. And every time i always hear the narrator saying like a broken record "SOULCALIBUR2!" i need it to have cervantes saying it for a certain gameplay video im trying to make with cervantes. every thing i do i end up with the narrator. i remember hearing cervantes saying it a while back. so how do i get a certain character to say "Soul calibur 2!"?

User Info: Zach_Nightt

6 years ago#2
it's random, but depending on how many times you play a character (In any mode) their voice will be the title voice. Like for me, it's mostly Link's "SEYAAHHH!" I hear, but I hear Xianghua, and Nightmare from time to time. At least someone says it, and it's not silence for Charade.

It doesn't matter if you barely power on the game, or reset it 50 times, the top few characters who has the greatest Play % (Chances of you picking them) will say it.

Just keep selecting Cerevantes, and pretty soon, he'll be saying the title.
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