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User Info: KK_Smooth

8 years ago#1
Does this game contain the best multiplayer mode in the sonic series? If not which sonic game does?
I thought it was alright, i mean what other sonic games had any multiplayer at all? I could name a few, sonic 2 was alright but i'm looking for something a little more or less the last few years. Any thoughts?

User Info: _Taidow_

8 years ago#2
Sonic Adventure DX- Only the GameGear games have multiplayer.

Heroes- The multi-player has variations but the only good one is Expert Race, which is unlocked after getting all emblems. Not worth it.

Shadow- Multiplayer just sucks here.

'06- Ugh. 'nuff said.

Secret Rings- A decent Mario Party rip-off.

Black Knight- Meh. Its gets boring way too fast.

The spin-offs have great multiplayer though

Sonic Riders Series
Sonic Rush Series (SRA has online)

The Sonic Rivals Series have a decent multiplayer....
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User Info: CrazySephi

8 years ago#3
^How can they have decent multiplayer when the actual game sucks?
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User Info: KK_Smooth

8 years ago#4
Oh ya i did enjoy the Sonic Riders, I never looked into Sonic Rush, I'm gonna go do that. So when it comes to mainstream Sonic. A2B is where it's at multiplayer wise

User Info: Delta123456789

8 years ago#5
Yeah, Rush has multiplayer which is okay, as did Advance 1 (don't know about 2 and 3). Sonic Battle did too, but obviously with very different gameplay. This is probably the best of the console 3D Sonics seeing as you have a number of game modes and a decent number of stages, but its still a little basic what with the lack of options (e.g. no 'no special moves' option).

SA2 also may not be the most accessible game compared to 2D ones seeing as it takes a while to understand grinding, tricks etc. and as you'll have a big advantage if you know the stages.
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User Info: TheDarkBJ

8 years ago#6
I think Sonic Battle (the GBA Sonic fighting game, not SA2:B) has the best multiplayer, then again, getting everyone with a copy of the game and a link cable is annoying...
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User Info: kagome122

8 years ago#7
Which consoles?

I've tried~
Secret Rings

I don't encorage~

Try for~

I cant say anything about what I haven't listed, since I don't own/never tried.
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