Getting all 120 Shine Sprites?? I Don't Think So...

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User Info: Gam3r_4_L1fe

8 years ago#1
OK, super Mario 64 was ""THE BOMB-DIGGITY" of all Mario games. It topped the cake. But they made it kid friendly, i mean easy to collect all of the stars without too much challenge. But.... this game was extremely hard for me (a full time gamer) and (big Nintendo fan). So this new game super Mario sunshine was a pain in my (area). i think the difficulty of this game is kinda hard for a kid intended game. Also they have all these amazing extras, or what ever, when you collect everything in the game. Again its too difficult for kids that like to get EVERYTHING in the game,. I found this game very aggravating as a kid and i'm only 14 now. so i was a lot younger. But anyways i gained so much anger trying to get all of the shine sprites, i threw stuff at the wall, broke a controller, and all of that. I'm pretty sure i have proven my point.

Nintendo Fan,

User Info: GOLD_sonic

8 years ago#2
It's easily the hardest of the 3D Mario games, but it's super easy to me... Maybe that's just because I played a ton of Sonic games as a kid. (Often regarded as being harder but not too tough, when compared to Mario games)

The only reason why I never got all the Shines was due to the EVIL Blue Coins! I swear, I got every darn Shine in this game, but those Blue Coins. It's not that the Blue Coins are hard to nab... they are actually very easy to get... it's just FINDING them! Some times you will be spraying walls randomly, or doing crazy things in order to get the Coins.

Once I realized that the unlockable is SO STUPID... I just said "Forget it, Nintendo!" and forgot about the game for a while.

In most games, if you do a tough challenge, you get a cool award... like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles where you can become Super Sonic, or even Hyper Sonic if you beat the special stages, or in Resident Evil 4, where saving up tons of $ will earn you great weapons. I hate how most Nintendo games give the player almost nothing for working so hard.

Oh, and for the record... I don't get why anyone throws controllers or stuff while playing games. I even play online games like Gears of War 2, so I know how it feels to feel like you got cheated, but at most I just say "What was that?!" but I never throw stuff... = /
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User Info: grape_purple

8 years ago#3

Agreed. Sunshine is by far the most difficult of the 3D Mario games and the only reason I never got all the shines was because of the blue coins.

User Info: LawlWut8D

8 years ago#4
oh yea sonic games are hard. *moves forward.* I won :D whew.
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User Info: RhetoricalDream

8 years ago#5

From: LawlWut8D | Posted: 7/4/2009 7:25:33 PM | #004
oh yea sonic games are hard. *moves forward.* I won :D whew.

You can oversimplify the (sidescrolling) Mario games in much the same way. :B

User Info: Green_Kirby

8 years ago#6
I think they need to be even f'ing harder.


I went there.

Games these days are TOO easy. I loved Sunshine. I want a challenge, not a cup of tea and a Twinkie.

I'm one of those people who actually beat Lost Levels 11 times, went to World 9 AND beat the letter worlds.
Now that was a game.

User Info: ultimate reaver

ultimate reaver
8 years ago#7
Lost Levels was a horrible game. Not only was it basically a rom hack of Super Mario Bros. with almost no new content, the difficulty ramp was dumb in the way it was executed.

They don't try to make you master jumping and hopping enemy to enemy, they inconvenience you repeatedly. It wasn't a difficult game except for two or three particular stages. But every chance it got the game decided to make you stop doing things like running and stomping and deal with little roadblock after roadblock. "Ha ha! You found an inescapable poison mushroom! Ha ha! You have to flail around in the air looking for a stupid invisible block that serves no other purpose than being a delay so you can scale a wall right in front of the level exit! Ha ha, you warped back to level one because you were intelligent enough to find a secret room!" .

I beat the game entirely when I was a kid, but I garnered no enjoyment from it, not because I sucked, but because it was like I was playing Super Mario Bros. with all the simplicity and accessibility sucked out of it and replaced by the developers poking you with a stick and giggling.

im a barban lol

User Info: Bobemmo

8 years ago#8
I wanna be the guy?

Anyways, I'd say this game was really easy, except for the locations of some of the really odd blue coins which were/are basically impossible to find.
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User Info: Ninja_pup

8 years ago#9
I've Gotten All The Sprites... I Thought 64 Was Harder...

User Info: DODV

8 years ago#10
This game isn't difficult at all; it's just annoying. Fighting the controls, camera angles, and the urge to fall asleep are more of a challenge than any actual task the game gives you.
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