The Asylum

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User Info: callsmaybe

8 years ago#1
I love that level to bits. There doesn't seem to be any point to it, but it's so much fun battling these crazies. A country manor in the middle of nowhere. Go in, kill everything, exit. I never cared for elaborate storylines in games myself (UT is my favourite game of all time). I particularly enjoy picking off (with the stake gun) the bald lunatics who scuttle around on the ceiling.

I think it would be a nice place to spend a vacation, lol.

User Info: ChaosArbiter

8 years ago#2
Asylum is one of the few levels I actually don't like ... and the only one I dislike for atmospheric/aesthetic reasons. The other levels I dislike have too much emphasis on the vertical aspect (for example, anything even remotely resembling the jump in City on the Water is almost enough to disqualify the entire level - CotW gets a save because the jump is non-required).
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