Skinning/Leatherworking, or Herbalism/Alchemy or a druid?

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Topic, dunno which set up to pick =/
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User Info: Marikhen

6 years ago#2
Herbalism/alchemy while leveling, skinning/leatherworking when you hit 80 and can actually craft usable gear. Well, at least for another a week or so. Post-Cataclysm, if you get the expansion, it might prove just as annoying and hard to keep leatherworking up and worth a damn for crafting usable gear without lots of work so you might consider keeping alchemy/herbalism until you hit 85.

User Info: Fenriradramelk

6 years ago#3
at 85, LW gives 130 to a stat enchant bracers (or 195 stam to bracers)... which is much better than the standard enchanting to bracers offers. There will probably be a surge of people swapping to LW to get that bonus stat.

As for actual craftable gear, most of anything craftable leaves something to be desired. If you keep your skinning up to par, and actually grind up the materials for some of the stuff, and keep your LW up to par, it's not that bad really. It just means instead of killing 8 wolves for some quest, you'll probably be killing 60 or 100 just to have enough leather.

Skinning is quick and easy if you can kill mobs and loot them (if you have a traveler's tundra mammoth, you've always got a vendor near-by to get rid of stuff). The annoying part about skinning is stumbling across other people's kills that they didn't loot (which won't let you skin the mob...), or requesting people to loot stuff in dungeon runs.

Compared to herb/alch, it's about the same. Herb/alch has more room to actually turn a profit (as both the herbs and potions/flasks are constantly in demand). The benefit of Lifeblood granting Haste is there;; it's just not really that useful for Feral, but for Boomkin or Resto it might have a use. Alchemy doesn't have much perks aside from a handful of trinkets to make which are comparable to JC or Engineering kind of things, and soon to be a transformation-mount item.
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User Info: WarBeagle

6 years ago#4
I always take two gathering professions while I am leveling. With the exception of alchemy, the crafted stuff pre-level cap is usually more expensive to craft than its worth. If you take two gathering profs you can have enough money while leveling to buy whatever you need, and then once you hit level cap, you can power level one of the crafting professions.

Just have some idea which profession you ultimately want to take. That way the associated gathering prof will be maxed out.
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