Tips to Prevent WoW from Overheating Laptop

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User Info: ShadowTamer

6 years ago#1
Hey everyone, the topic title suggests, I'm looking for some suggestions on how to keep my laptop from continually overheating from playing WoW. Any sliders I should have turned down? I've got a nice laptop, but thanks to NVIDIA and their 8M Series of chips my GPU overheats. I probably need to send it in to Gateway, but I won't have time for awhile. So in the meantime any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Oh and I already have a cooling pad for it which doesn't stop the GPU temps from hitting 100c's before shutting off.

User Info: Mekhaseph

6 years ago#2
If you already have a cooling pad, and its shutting itself off, you need to send it in immediately. Continued use, even at lower temperatures, can cause egregious damage to your motherboard.
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User Info: ShadowTamer

6 years ago#3
I don't get how it can be that hot, but the laptop doesn't even feel all that warm.

User Info: Argg0

6 years ago#4
It's a Gateway problem. I play on one too (with a 9800). It usually happens in around the world (most the time it happened to me was while doing some Archeology), not in raids, right?

From what I've researched, it's the power supply that is the problem, though, I haven't tested. I'm planning on buying a more potent one to see if it fixes the problem.
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User Info: VortaVerse

6 years ago#5
Plug it in and take the battery out. Make sure it stays plugged in.

Prop it up so that most of the bottom (most importantly, the fan) is uncovered.

Put a small fan behind the computer.

Thats how I do it on my craptop when I have to play on it.

User Info: userperson100

6 years ago#6
If you're saying that the GPU reaches 100 degrees Celsius and then shuts itself off, you need to stop using it immediately. Not only could that likely melt half the components in your laptop, but it could damage the surface it's sitting on, including your legs or a wooden table.

User Info: ShadowTamer

6 years ago#7
I've got a P173X FX Gateway "Gaming" Laptop...Bought it a couple years ago and it's supposed to chew through anything you throw at it. It's been having the problem since the beginning though with games like Crysis and Sims 3. I just stopped playing them. WoW worked forever though until recently. I have a feeling it's a problem with the GPU since NVIDIA supposedly release some bad chips in the 8M Series.

User Info: Last Soldier

Last Soldier
6 years ago#8
ROFL if it reaches 100 Celsius I think you should be prepared to call 911 at at any given moment. Or at least have first aid kits ready.
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User Info: asdf1234qwer

6 years ago#9
Get a fan and position it to blow on your laptop

User Info: pies12

6 years ago#10
The best tip to prevent WoW from overheating a laptop: stop pretending laptops are for gaming.
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