Any flying mounts a lvl 85 BM spec'ed hunter (ilvl 339) can solo for?

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  3. Any flying mounts a lvl 85 BM spec'ed hunter (ilvl 339) can solo for?

User Info: Xieborn

6 years ago#1
Just been wondering if there's any flying mounts I can try to solo and get. Any suggestions, if any would be appreciated, thanks.

User Info: Megawizard

6 years ago#2
The only flying mounts I can think of that drop off anything are the Ashes, which is a no; and Mimiron's Head, which is an ultra-no.
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User Info: Xieborn

6 years ago#3
Alright, thanks for help. :)

User Info: anilorox

6 years ago#4
There are the lower level raids i believe if you finish in like under 20 mins you get one or somethin... If you cant do it yourself then grab a friend and roll through and just do it twice so you can each get it.
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User Info: ChaoticKane

6 years ago#5
^ no
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User Info: anilorox

6 years ago#6
yes...two 85's can easily pull off the 25 minute timer that you have to do for culling of stratholme (heroic).
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User Info: madmaverick

6 years ago#7
You could try for the blue proto-drake from Utgard Pinnacle. I couldn't solo Skadi as a mage, but I've seen hunters soloing current content heroics so I imagine you could.

User Info: philly_blunts

6 years ago#8
A hunter in my guild solos skadi every day. Not sure how she deosn't but i know it's possible.

User Info: Azztec

6 years ago#9
Depending on how well geared you are... you may just have a chance at farming the Oracles' egg for the Green Proto-Drake :P
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User Info: Firion_Tribe

6 years ago#10
I believe some hunter soloing has to do with I think T6 gear. The set bonus if I remember right helps with pet health regen, to the point where your pet has more health regen than a blood tank. I've never done it myself, so I'm probably a bad source of info.
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  3. Any flying mounts a lvl 85 BM spec'ed hunter (ilvl 339) can solo for?

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