Best PVE Realm for Raiding

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User Info: Dice93

6 years ago#1

My druid is 81 and i want to raiding on him. I just want some ideas on what realm to go on. And its for a fresh start.

User Info: Perrinx

6 years ago#2
stormrage and proudmoore are the top two alliance pve raiding servers, proudmoore is number 1 in skill, stormrage in population
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User Info: Dice93

6 years ago#3

what bout blackrock?

User Info: Masterjeff54

6 years ago#4
illidan for horde
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User Info: FlyingPriest

6 years ago#5
There are no best realms for raiding. Just because a realm sports a few high progression guilds does not make it the best realm.

The GUILDS are what matter, not the realm. Any realm with a medium+ population will have tons of guilds ready for raiding. Unless you're plagued by a low population or have a bad reputation on your server, just stay on your current server.

User Info: Ogurisama

6 years ago#6
Currently Ysera has the top alliance guild in the US (might be the top guild all together)
but they are the only guild 13/13 on the server i think

But there is a few pretty good guilds on the server
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