Dumb question: what does "kite" mean?

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  3. Dumb question: what does "kite" mean?

User Info: farcolfey

6 years ago#1
I see it used all the time, and I've tried to pick up the meaning in context, but I sure don't want to get it wrong if I ever need to "kite" something.

I know it usually applies to adds, and it's something a tank typically does, but sometimes DPS needs to "kite" as well.

If someone could give me a top to bottom explanation, I'd sure appreciate it
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User Info: Salvatore

6 years ago#2
Simply, you keep the targets moving so they can't hit you, usually. Sometimes the word "kite" is used incorrectly to just describe movement of the target, but it's proper usage is to keep the target moving without letting it hit anyone.
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User Info: LinkofHyrule991

6 years ago#3
Holding aggro so a mob will follow, but also staying out of range of it's attack.
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User Info: NiftyManZ

6 years ago#4
Basically, it is holding the mob's aggro without letting it hit you or anyone else (usually). This way, the mob stays occupied on one person, and limits their damage. Frost mages used to be used a good amount of the time to kit mobs.
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User Info: kmanweiss

6 years ago#5
Think of it as flying a kite. You are you and the kite is the creature you are kiting. You hold the aggro and pull the creature with you as you move. DPS typically do this to distract an enemy so the rest of the group can focus on another target. The use of CC to slow or stop the movement of a creature can aid in kiting especially when dealing with enemies that are faster than you.

User Info: farcolfey

6 years ago#6
So what DPS classes are best for this?

I can see how frost mages would be good, with the freezes and slows. Hunters with the traps, maybe?
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User Info: Euridine

6 years ago#7
Mage (any spec but frost is best)
Hunter (any spec)
Frost Death Knight

I think that covers them all
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User Info: MacrossSpecial

6 years ago#8
warlocks and druids also
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User Info: NitroRat

6 years ago#9
Frost mages are no longer good at kiting?

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User Info: SnappySnake

6 years ago#10
They're still good... just not as good as before.
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