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User Info: Neopian

9 years ago#1
they are gonna tell us that your race DOES MATTER like undead priests can never heal properly in WotLK instances and tauren shamans can never dps as elemental as well as orc ones

and orc shamans are gonna be the only ones capable of summoning spirit wolves like far seers in WC3 and making earthquakes which are needed to destroy buildings as we know that there are in WotLK player killable buildings

this makes many of us have to reroll and spend more time paying for the subscription

User Info: GreatHammurabi

9 years ago#2
Confrontation is unavoidable. If you disagree, you've proved my point. If you agree, I win.

User Info: Neopian

9 years ago#3
or small details or decisions made earlier screws us up like shattrath city turns out to be evil and if you picked either scryers or aldor ur screwed and cant get hero classes making us reroll again

User Info: LonghornFan10

9 years ago#4
Topic Deserves a big.........

"Mom why didn't I get any presents for Christmas?"
"Because we celebrate Kwanzaa"-convo between me and mother

User Info: Neopian

9 years ago#5
they did it once to hunters they gonna do it again this time more severe they made trolls get the best hunter racial +bow crit they took fear ward from dwarf priests and gave it to everyone they gonna do it again in WotLK

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