How is warrior leveling compared to other classes?

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  3. How is warrior leveling compared to other classes?

User Info: RandomEvil

9 years ago#1
I've rolled mostly caster classes, but I really enjoyed tanking on my druid. I decided to reroll as a warrior, but I'm wondering how their leveling is like. Is there lots of downtime and does it take a considerable amount of time compared to others to kill mobs? I remember having to drink so often on my mage, but pve for my feral druid was a breeze.

User Info: Striped_Skunk

9 years ago#2
You will die. A lot
I see how it is.

User Info: OniLink5000

9 years ago#3

First Aid for sure.
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User Info: jdmteg

9 years ago#4
Yar, what he said. Make good friends with hamstring, he's your friend!
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User Info: AngelofD3th

9 years ago#5
Probably the most painful class to level. Even fury will make you have decent downtimes.

User Info: EclipseMints

9 years ago#6
Made me quit 3 times. Finally got to 70 a few weeks ago, though.
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User Info: xHFx

9 years ago#7

Seriously, IMO.
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User Info: Rebel852

9 years ago#8
For the most part sucks, on a PvP server higher levels will target you because you have no chance of getting away. On the bright side occasionally you will be able to solo elite mobs using your cooldowns.

Money is always an issue too, if it's your first character. But yeah, tanking is really gratifying to me, other classes run away from mean looking monsters but as a warrior you run up to them and jam your sword down their throat while blocking what you can.

In lower level instances you are pretty much the team leader, you dictate what the group pulls. and how long long they get to rest. Stay arms/fury and get the best weapons you can, and it won't be that bad though

User Info: guerradoro

9 years ago#9
buy alot of food when questing

User Info: Three_Ton_Oozer

9 years ago#10
Have had zero problems leveling as Prot... you can literally grind with zero downtime until maybe eight+ mobs later and even then theres a good chance you can pull Last Stand and go for another 3-5+ mobs

Just make sure to do a few instances to grab a good shield & sword, and gear it up with a shield spike. Lots of fun. Especially after shield slam.
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  3. How is warrior leveling compared to other classes?

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