Is my guild's MT doing something wrong

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User Info: MrStabbings

9 years ago#31
When was 19K HP buffed low for tier 4 bosses? Your tank should have enough of everything to tank Mag and even bosses beyond that. Someone could be resetting the swing timer of they are in front of Mag doing melee damage. Everyone should just sit at his big beefy tail and swing away. Also what part of the fight did he drop at? Was it when Mag caves the roof in and everyone takes I think 6-8K raid damage?
Koli: 70 Tauren Warrior-Drak'Thul

User Info: FunsterX77

9 years ago#32
i dunno... mana really shouldn't be an issue when it's been a year already and every healer has perhaps 10-20% more mana or mana-efficient than the average mag raid a few months back.

Yet, it still feels too precarious... I'm using like 3-4 rank heals below my max, yet by mag @ 30%, i'm lurking around the 1-2k mana mark, even with unstable mana pots.
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User Info: Agentorange657

9 years ago#33

We even had one Draenei warrior who would cast "Gift Of The Naaru" on himself

you do realize you cant block while casting right? (I'm pretty sure you cant parry or dodge either)
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User Info: abigserve

9 years ago#34
If you lag even like a milisecond you can get hit by a crushing blow. Twas probably just unlucky

I know it happened to me on fathom lord, I was spammin shield block as always but it took a second to register and BAM, 6.2k crushing. We still downed him though.
level 70 Human Warrior
level 70 Draenei Mage

User Info: rhombencephalon

9 years ago#35
Is my guild's MT doign something wrong"

Since we have at least 2 to 3 dedicated healers on him, we're definitely gonna overlap...

No... whoever is setting up your healers is doing something wrong. We stick 5 healers on the main tank.

even though I'm one of them, I cant ignore a DPS who is at like 10% health standing next to me.

If they're dumb enough to hit 10%... yes you can. In the Mag fight, they should use bandages and health pots/stones.
"They had it before you, they had it during you, they'll have it when you're gone."
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User Info: FunsterX77

9 years ago#36
We have 2-3 main healers... and the rest (another 3 healers) are supposed to keep an eye on him, but heal the raid if he's ok.
Don't quote me.
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