Favorite starting area?

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User Info: OmniNakago

9 years ago#11
Blood Elf and Draenei zones due to a bigger variety of quests and better rewards.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
9 years ago#12
Azuremist, without a doubt.
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User Info: Orestes417

9 years ago#13
BE area for the rewards, Undead for the atmospherics.
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User Info: Xombie_Master

9 years ago#14
Tirisfal for atmosphere, and the BE lands for gameplay.
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User Info: LousStevens

9 years ago#15
blood elf place.
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User Info: Jokerr12

9 years ago#16
Human has the best environment/atmosphere!
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User Info: zoran74

9 years ago#17
Elwynn Forest is the best easy. Area looks cool, SW pretty amazing to enter as a new character, quests can be easily grouped together. Very fast place to level and let's not forget HOGGER!! It's a great place to start the game! Plus it send you to nearby Westfall to continue on to level 20. Very well though out.

Azuremyst Isle. Place looks really nice. Quests are fun and can be bunched together.

Tirisfal Glades. Place doesn't look all that interesting, but the quests are easy and like Elwynn Forrest, you can level here really fast by grouping quests.

Mulgore. I like the peaceful look of the area. Hate how far you have to run around for quests.

Dun Morogh. Ugly area. Quests are OK.

Durotar. Unimaginative area. Boring quests. A positive is its proximity to the Zep.

Teldrassil. Ugg. Not only is the place ugly, the quests are boring.

User Info: Shadowbird_RH

9 years ago#18
Mulgore. Yes, honestly.
It was my favorite area until I came upon Nagrand.
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