Should I /gquit?

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User Info: PhantomHack

9 years ago#21
lIke others said you need to find another guild and then quit your current one becuase you are getting used if they aren't letting you roll on items you where in the group to get. Unless thier is something else your not telling us, like previously ninjaing things etc.
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User Info: Light_Combat

9 years ago#22
I have only ninja'd 1 item in my life, and it was in RFC (the first instance i ever ran) and didn't know what to do.

User Info: OmniNakago

9 years ago#23
How long have you been in the guild? You might just be on a trial period or something. If it's been more than, say, 2 runs, then your guild is stupid. Everyone should just be greeding on the epics in Kara, anyway.
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User Info: Light_Combat

9 years ago#24
4 runs, and a piece of T4 i could use dropped each run, hell the helm and gloves dropped in 1 run, and they wouldn't let me need either, hell they wouldn't even let me roll.

User Info: LousStevens

9 years ago#25
find a new guild. new kara guilds pop up all the time. can't be hard to find a new group.
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User Info: purezhen

9 years ago#26
Find a guild and quit imo

If what you're telling us is the full story (not gonna think whether there's something you're holding back), that guild won't progress much unless they have 10 good real life friends who are hardcore enough to do every run together and just clear Kara and ZA. Mine allows anyone to roll as long as it's an upgrade (not offspec or lower grade of armor) even if it's their first run, 25 mans use dkp though.

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
9 years ago#27
When I raided, our guild would let PuG people roll on an item the same as any guild member. They put in the same time and effort along with us, why shouldn't they get to roll on the item? And this BS about "trial periods" is complete crap. If you show up for the raid and contribute to it, it shouldn't matter whether you joined 5 months ago or 5 minutes ago. You ran it, you did what was asked, you deserve the loot. That's just my theory anyway.
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