Guild Dilemma

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User Info: Striped_Skunk

9 years ago#11
If you're a female yourself you'd better not join any guild, otherwise you might ruin tens of thousands of lives.

The sad part about this is that its good advice =/
I see how it is.
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User Info: PyjamaHero

9 years ago#12
That's retarded. I've had girls and guys totally ruin guilds I was in. There's no propensity based on gender that makes a person a bad guildmate. It's completely due to personality. Now COUPLES screw things up all the time. When one, or heck, both, are high up in a guild it screws things up a lot, but I've seen people on both sides of the gender line totally ruin things. Guys want gear to strut their e-peen and girls want to be included and feel equal. Too much focus on either leads to inside guild competition and then fighting and then super nova.
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User Info: VasDeferens

9 years ago#13
Armadilla, if I were a member of your guild, I wouldn't feel " let down " that your 70 Main left for a raiding guild. I know it will happen eventually. Just explain in a nice way to the rest of your guild that you are leaving to raid, there will be someone to take your place as GL, etc. Maybe leave a note in Guild Information, so everyone who logs in can get a chance to read it.

As long as the guild is stable after you leave, that's fine. I've been in guilds where the GL and the high officers all leave en masse, and nobody knows what happened. We were left with a guild of mid- to low levels and there was confusion at first then the guild eventually broke apart. That's the worst situation to be in.

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