Help with my Rogue

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User Info: FalconofPeru

9 years ago#1
I have a dilemma: I dont know whether to get the Cold Blood talent or Adrenaline Rush. Please help!
Adrenaline Rush gives 15 seconds of twice as much energy (meaning that I can attack nonstop and kill enemies I wouldnt have a prayer of defeating), but
Cold Blood increases the critical strike chance of my next Sinister Strike, Backstab, Ambush, or Eviscerate by 100%, abilities which are used ALL the time...
I need help...
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User Info: Chunky Lee

Chunky Lee
9 years ago#2
I always run out of energy on my rogue, so I'd go for Adrenaline Rush, myself.
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User Info: Someguy09876

9 years ago#3
Combat = win
Combat= adrenaline rush
Therefore adrenaline rush = win
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User Info: Maester Wing

Maester Wing
9 years ago#4
as previously mentioned...

Adrenaline rush... stick with a combat build while leveling. When you get to 70 what you do is up to your preferred playing style.
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