Could I essentially 'fund' a warrior to level it?

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  3. Could I essentially 'fund' a warrior to level it?

User Info: Basskiid

9 years ago#1
I've been told countless times that Warriors are a huge pain to level because of their gear dependency. Thing is, I really want to make one.

If the only issue is gear, could I not give just supply it with, say, 300g and buy equips and level away?

Would I need more? Is it even possible?

Thanks :)
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User Info: djinni204

9 years ago#2
this is not maple story.
Funds help to buy blues and all that but not needed.
you cant get ye flask.

User Info: Basskiid

9 years ago#3
Haha, I know.

But if they are so gear dependent, could I not just buy AH blues from 1-40ish to level quicker?
73% of all statistics are made-up.

User Info: 3sleider3

9 years ago#4
My first toon was a warrior, i was broke with no friends and i made 70.
But it is always nice to have a lil extra cheese to buy those nice boe blues.
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User Info: ty39etc

9 years ago#5
Just get blue weapons. You'll be fine. Green gear works just update your green gear every chance you get.

The blue weaopns is what makes warriors hit very hard.
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User Info: HandgunsRule

9 years ago#6
The speed at which you level now you wouldn't need to fund it, apart from the obvious Netherweave Bags of course.

I mean you could... but it would be such a waste of money.
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User Info: Basskiid

9 years ago#7
Alright, awesome. Thanks.
73% of all statistics are made-up.

User Info: JKSonic

9 years ago#8
Just play the game how you want to play it and you'll be fine. As long as you're not a complete idiot you'll do ok however you choose to level. Whether you try to fund him with your main or just play normally it won't matter.

People gave you the wrong idea when they said warriors are gear dependent. All classes are gear dependent in a way. Even with a Mage you better have good gear with good benefits or you'll get toasted.
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User Info: edgtrv

9 years ago#9
Green weapons are fine at lower levels because you'll level pretty fast and outgrow them. Get help with getting the Whirlwind axe or sword at 30 and you're set till probably 40.
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User Info: Blubyyou

9 years ago#10
All classes are gear dependent, warriors most of all since they can't heal and don't have burst damage.

Depending on your server or whether or not you have friends, you may or may not need to go tot he auction house. When I got to level 40 on my warrior I really wanted the sword from uldaman so I got some friends to take me through a couple of times.

Generally, the blue items pre 60 really suck compared to items you can get from instances; since you level so fast now anyways, there's really no point to buying gear off the AH unless it's a huge upgrade for~5g
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  3. Could I essentially 'fund' a warrior to level it?

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