A professional dilemma

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User Info: SuperSaiyanTien

9 years ago#11
Mage = Spellfire Tailoring
Priest = Mooncloth Tailoring
Warlock = Shadowcloth Tailoring
Autolocus (70, Human Warlock, Korialstrasz)
Kel'Tharion (18, Blood Elf Hunter, Korialstrasz)

User Info: Missiletainn

9 years ago#12
Tailoring is useful for 'Locks and Priests too, though Enchanting is also handy and will net you much more dough in the long run. It's really a matter of preference, I think.
I love snuff films. The acting is real, the plot is easy to follow, and there’s absolutely no way there will be a sequel.

User Info: emidas

9 years ago#13
The TC only asked about Mages; hence, I answered about Mages.

Also, I don't have a Lock or priest. All I can answer for is a Mage.
Undead Mage - 70 - Skullcrusher | Tauren Druid - 21 - Skullcrusher
XBL GT - emidas
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