Mac for WoW?

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User Info: elven_mage757

9 years ago#1
Im getting a new laptop soon and I'm thinking about getting a mac. I'd like a mac that can play WoW right out of the box, so what kind should I get?
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User Info: TankDog1911

9 years ago#2
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User Info: Chaosh

9 years ago#3
i would get a pc in my opinion

User Info: GilaMonster

9 years ago#4
A friend of mine has a MacBook Pro, and it plays WoW just fine.
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User Info: Iori_Junkie

9 years ago#5
What else do you do with your computer besides play games?

If all you do is play games just get a PC.
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User Info: ToadDemon223

9 years ago#6
Macs run WoW splendidly, and don't have nearly as many troubles as windows machines. I've been using Macs for about 5 years now, and the only problem i've had with them is either fans burning out after years of use, or just generally wanting to get a new one because mine was outdated. You won't regret getting a Mac unless you want to play all computer games. And there are even ways to do that.
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User Info: chao_expert

9 years ago#7
People who have macs don't DESERVE wow. You can have accessibility or games. You don't deserve both. :P
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User Info: peanut_ham

9 years ago#8
my bros WoW works fine on a mac. Only problem you might find is when you want to add on the mods and etc.
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User Info: youlosersthe2nd

9 years ago#9
I have a two year old Macbook, WoW runs better on it that it does my PC.
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User Info: ToadDemon223

9 years ago#10
Add-ons are extremely easy to put on with a Mac.
I'm Wilford Brimley, and I have diabetes.

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