Which should I choose for my Hunter

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User Info: gshark

9 years ago#1
Just finsihed the traitor's destruction quest & can't decide between : Fsrdtrider's Longbow or the Warblade
This is my first hunter so not sure if you're supposed to use a fast or slow bow.
My current bow has a speed of 2.70 & the quest reward has a speed of 1.70
I really like the 2h sword for the looks & stats but don't want to chose wrong.

User Info: TheStanman6

9 years ago#2

Quit now. Please.
(>'')> For The Horde!

User Info: nyrovonn

9 years ago#3
It's his first character, give the guy a damn break.

But honestly, take the bow man.
Fatali - 70 Undead Warlock - Kil'Jaedan

User Info: gshark

9 years ago#4
I've been trying to read up on it and it it looks like it's split..some say slow for higher crits others say fast for quicker damage

User Info: gatkiss37

9 years ago#5
in all honesty it doesnt matter at that level. I healed an instance today with a hunter using a white bow. Granted i was reluctant to let him in the group but it shows that you can uses pretty much whatever you want while leveling. Bow speed only comes into play at endgame when using shot rotations to min/max DPS in raids. My only real suggestion is to use a boar while leveling. They are awesome for all PvP(even arena although drain teams usually use a scorpid). But boars hold aggro very well while leveling. Charge increases their attack power for a short time and growl scales with AP. So your boars first growl after charge will give him enough aggro to hold the mob. So while leveling get whatever gear you can but dont worry too hard about getting great gear you will just replace in a few levels. The first good bow i had was "venomstrike" from WC at 18. I actaully used that until I got the epic bow at 39.
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