What a waste of talent points...

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User Info: T4UR3N

9 years ago#1
I put 5 points into improved blizzard and blizzard hasn't gotten any better =(
Grom: I...have...freed...myself...
Thrall: No, old friend... you've freed us all.

User Info: cyborg99sreturn

9 years ago#2
Old'd and done before/10
The metal blinds the eye of yet another lost existence...

User Info: Jiruru

9 years ago#3
This joke never gets old. That's what I'd be saying if it was like, early 2005.
"It felt like the music was aimed right at me... like a missile!"

User Info: Sulticune

9 years ago#4
It's one of those jokes that you like, but it's just old.

Plus, isn't improved Blizzard only 3 points? No wonder it's not doing much...

Fellas, I will reach the sacred canyon soon! - Tech_Support

User Info: I_R_Roffles

9 years ago#5
Should be a chance on hit that never procs.
Official Panda Knight/Inane Sodomizer of Sodom
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  3. What a waste of talent points...

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