LF someone to craft

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User Info: 70f

9 years ago#1
has anyone given mats to someone for crafting only to have them take off or log? is it an issue or am i just being paranoid? is there anything i can do if it does happen

User Info: Timmyjinkle

9 years ago#2
Depends which crafting...

Mostly, except for Alchemy... You put the mats in the trade window and the gold and they give you the product they'd made earlier.

User Info: 70f

9 years ago#3
for me im talking about tailoring my spellstrike set (boe)
but in general any high lvl boe stuff

User Info: Halorulz291

9 years ago#4
Yeah that's happened to me. I wanted a Clefthide Leg Armor, and gave him the materials.
He immediately logged off, then 5 minutes later he logged back on and said "Nah just messing with ya". Then he gave me the Clefthide.

This guy was a friend of mine, so when he asked for lifestealing enchants, I took his mats and didn't give em back. >.>
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User Info: NiftyManZ

9 years ago#5
What i do is give them the mats and they give me the money value of the mats, that way if they run off with the mats i still have money to buy it off the AH. Then again, i have friends of every profession that i trust will not gimp me.
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User Info: GilaMonster

9 years ago#6
If someone does steal your mats, you can report them to a GM. It's a bannable offense.
Never argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.

User Info: waaaghboss

9 years ago#7
If someone scams you this way, put in a ticket and GM's will give you back your stuff and suspend the scammer.

Stop worrying about it.
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