Best Horde Warrior Race?

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User Info: xHFx

9 years ago#11
Yuck, Undead warriors.
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User Info: Original_Jin

9 years ago#12
If you plan on going prot go Tauren

DPS/PvP go Orc

Just PvP go Undead.
Supporting the Invincible Swordsmen Cloud, Frog, Crono, Tifa, Leon Kennedy, and Ryu. Poor poor Ryu.

User Info: dialga123

9 years ago#13
orcie schmorkie katorschkie
I want ketchup.

User Info: ignignokt16

9 years ago#14
Tauren look the best in plate out of any race since they fill it out the best (gnome warriors make me weep at night).

User Info: Uhh

9 years ago#15
PvP Orc, PvE Tauren. I say this as a UD warrior.

User Info: MOOSHOO316

9 years ago#16
Blood Elf
lvl 63 Blood Elf Hunter, Onyxia server
Bastin The Turtle King!

User Info: JasynSuin

9 years ago#17
Tauren for tanking.
Orc for DPS.
Undead for lolz.
Troll for awesome.

User Info: hi_standard

9 years ago#18
orc warrior? orc warrior!? how much more easy mode can you go man?!
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