How do stuns and distractions work in PvP (I'm a rogue)

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  3. How do stuns and distractions work in PvP (I'm a rogue)

User Info: Coquiton

9 years ago#1
I was just curious, since I'm in my low 20's and haven't had a chance to PvP/Gank yet.

How do stuns work, do they last the full duration, or is it true that they only last half?
Does distraction work on other players?

And last, if I approach someone from behind while stealthed, will I be seen easily? If they are the same level? How about a much higher level?

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User Info: selkie241341441

9 years ago#2
I dunno about stuns, except that they last long enough to be very obnoxious. Distract makes the player run the other direction if used correctly and on a runner. Very useful in Warsong Gulch. A much higher lvl player will see you easily in stealth if you are within a reasonable distance, and for the same level... you don't have too much to worry about, especially subtlety rogues.
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User Info: DarkRecruit

9 years ago#3
Stuns last full duration, you can distract people. Stealth is impossible to see if you're behind them, if you're in front of them, the closer you are, the longer you're in one spot and the longer they're looking at the spot, the more likely you can be seen.
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User Info: scales

9 years ago#4
You don't have to worry about being seen. I've found on my Druid that even if someone does see me I can move out of sight before they can do anything.

User Info: scales

9 years ago#5
But as for stuns and distract:

Stuns are full duration, and are generally an absolute bastard to escape once a Rogue has you locked down.

Distract just turns the person around as long as they're out of combat, really good for turning someone just out of cheap shot range around for long enough so you can snag them.
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  3. How do stuns and distractions work in PvP (I'm a rogue)

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