70 Druid profession question...

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User Info: fff71189

9 years ago#1
ok, I'm 375 LW/skinning, trying to make some gold for my epic flier. Should I drop skinning and pick up alchemy? I know people make a killing from elixers, but is it worthwhile to do so?
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User Info: lostkiwi

9 years ago#2
In my opinion that's a bad idea. You'll have 2 crafting professions, and no gathering professions. It will cost you a load to level alchemy, and you'll be needing to buy all of your mats for both professions.

Honestly, if you want a profession that makes money, Mining is the way to go. Skinning is also pretty good on my server, and it will save you spending hours running around in your lowbie zones finding ore motes.

The fastest way to make money is to just finish up all of your remaining quests. Most should reward you between 5-10 gold, the big quests 15 gold upwards.

User Info: killbill123

9 years ago#3
Hands down the best profession for a druid is herbalism. You can pick herbs in flight form, once you have epic flight form the money will come rolling in.
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