WTF is up with "Scrubs"?

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  3. WTF is up with "Scrubs"?

User Info: OptimusPrimex84

9 years ago#11
I think it's a pretty good show.

User Info: Rebel852

9 years ago#12
It's not just around here, have been hearing it alot by punks on Call of Duty 4 lately.

User Info: msanthropy

9 years ago#13
I never use that term while gaming, but I like to use it IRL. But I also think it's funny to say "Lawlz" in mixed company.
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User Info: Guitarmaster1

9 years ago#14
Scrubs=awesome TV show.

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User Info: oblivious_657

9 years ago#15
Yeah when i hear the word "Scrub" or "Scrubs" i think of the tv show on Global(or CTV i can't remember which one i'm pretty sure it's CTV)...
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User Info: MrSandman

9 years ago#16
As Iori were saying, It's been around on fighting game boards a long time before Wow were released, as a downright insulting term. Just guessing someone put two and two together and thought it would be fit to bring it in WoW too.
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  3. WTF is up with "Scrubs"?

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