One thing bugs me about coming back

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User Info: inyuyasha500

9 years ago#1
Im SERIOUSLY considering coming back to this game. but one thing keeps bugging me, If I start today, when I make 70, what are the chances of getting into a raiding guild that does some of the old instances like onyxia and MC?
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User Info: bighairycamel

9 years ago#2
Actually our guild was talking about doing Ony yesterday.
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User Info: LousStevens

9 years ago#3
your chances are probably the same as they are if you had a 70 character right now. nobody runs those instances, and ony and MC can be done easily with like 5 people. in fact, ony can be done with 2 people and i heard some bosses in MC can be soloed by prot warrios and prot paladins.
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User Info: Ninja_Doilyn

9 years ago#4
Guilds rarely do, but you can easily PUG the 60 raids.
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User Info: Iori_Junkie

9 years ago#5
slim to none

You could prolly 2-5 man ony though, if you had geared 70s.
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User Info: StealthedRogue

9 years ago#6
Even if you dont get into a great guild right away, there are plenty of average respectable starting guilds running kara and moving up on every server. You should be fine.

Also in a few months WotLK should come out and you will have a clean slate.
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User Info: ibage12

9 years ago#7
you wont find a raiding guild doing any of the old raids. the only exception is ZG for the mounts in my experiences
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