do aoe grinding or questing level faster?

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  3. do aoe grinding or questing level faster?

User Info: tuoli

9 years ago#1
i did try some aoe grind with blizzard but its kinda slower than questing..or is it?

User Info: Chanthas

9 years ago#2
why did i expect dramatic music after reading that?
GT = Evismang

User Info: blufish92311

9 years ago#3
what lvl are you?

User Info: sefsefsefsef

9 years ago#4
I heard the music.
Just kidding. Not really.

User Info: Cowology

9 years ago#5
IMO questing is better now.

Blizz put a sort of cap on the damage dealt when hitting more than 12 targets a while ago. And with the more recent buff to quest exp I think it's just as fast if not faster to simply quest. Of course if you can find some good grinding quests that let you do a bit of both that's certainly the way to go.

I guess what I'd say is this; if you get bored of questing and want to mix it up a lil then AoE a couple of levels. But if you are just doing it to power lvl it's probably not really worth it anymore.
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  3. do aoe grinding or questing level faster?

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