Okay to heal as Paladin 1-70?

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User Info: Kaalakiota

9 years ago#1
Played a Warrior and Rogue 1-70, figured I'd like something that uses magic for a change.

I don't want to be a DPS-machine like other pallys strive to be, I just want to heal, but I don't want to be a Priest or Druid or something.

Also I don't want to wear a dress.

Soloing is not a big deal for me, I like a challenge.
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User Info: NotAndyMilonaki

9 years ago#2
Just dps to 70. Save yourself some pain.
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User Info: tanker987

9 years ago#3
it won't be a challenge, it will be a borefest.
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User Info: AthCuilline

9 years ago#4
Also I don't want to wear a dress

Good luck with that. Mail and plate healing gear is pretty limited before the 50's.
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User Info: n0r7h3rn

9 years ago#5
I am doing this currently. The plus side is that you will get invited to run instances all the time (happens to me at least 5 times a day and I am only in the mid 50's). The down side is that every battle you get in, solo or otherwise, will be long and drawn out. The DPS holy pallys put out against anything that isn't undead is very low compared to a ret pally. Look forward to healing yourself at least once per fight (1 on 1) until about level 20 when you get some better gear. It isn't boring to me but its definitely a labor of love. If you love the pally go holy for 1-70, if not go ret and respec later.
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User Info: gamewizard11

9 years ago#6
What is nice about holy pally soloing is that you are practically invincible. Since you have plate, bubble, and interruptible heals, you can solo just about anything. It just takes a long time.
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User Info: ShadowDevil

9 years ago#7
You can have uninterruptible heals just by putting 10 points into holy. If you do that and go prot then you'll be able to solo almost anything 1 on 1... and it will take a while.
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User Info: Lumpy_Gravy

9 years ago#8
"I like a challenge."


User Info: Dragon158

9 years ago#9
i'm holy 60-70, and it was.... interesting to say the least. I would advise going prot 1-60: AoE grinding is sooo fun.
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