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how to disband an arena team?

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  3. how to disband an arena team?

User Info: Doober2

9 years ago#1


/disband 2v2
/disband 2v2 arena
/disband arena 2v2

And a few others.

Also, did season 4 (brutal) ever come out. Ain't played for a while and I'm sure I heard it was due out around the same time as 2.4. Has it been changed till after the expansion?
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User Info: Uhh

9 years ago#2
/teamdisband 2v2

season 4 is coming june 24

User Info: Shadonic

9 years ago#3
might i ask how you tried those combinations if you haven't logged in? not that it's really relevant or anything..
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  3. how to disband an arena team?

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