Blood elves are the most popular horde race

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User Info: Reverend_Wilson

9 years ago#1
now am I the only one who finds something wrong with this picture?
Anti Harken Fanboy since May 2001.

User Info: The-Apostle

9 years ago#2
Yes, because...

Blood Elf chicks are HAWT!!!
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User Info: FBlade24

9 years ago#3
The only thing your missing in all of this is that most of those people have mains or alts that are the other races. And when you add all of those together....
- Da Blade
CyborgSage00x0 said: "You are FBLADE24, GOD of bent spoons!"

User Info: Hawkbit

9 years ago#4
I wanted my second character to be a female dwarf paladin. Until I learned you can't have characters on both factions on the same account on a PvP server. So I had to be a blood elf. Don't blame me, blame Blizzard.
I hear an odd sounding engine, and a FORKLIFT comes out of nowhere and plows my squad down… All I could say was "WTF FORKLIFT?" -bionuke118 on BF2:SF

User Info: Dragonne

9 years ago#5
People who roll blood elves are people who should have rolled alliance but just went with Horde because they thought it was the cooler faction or were forced to choose that faction. If you're going to roll Horde, be a goddamn cow or troll or orc. Something Horde-ish.
"I want more rainbows in this game. Rainbows caused by the refraction of light through the blood of my enemies." -Freakstylez, on rainbows in Diablo 3

User Info: jce4ever

9 years ago#6
i rolled a be when BC came out because it was new and wanted a pally.
I have never met a normal person, what is normal?

User Info: Goonboo

9 years ago#7
i had a 60 alliance gnome warrior back in teh day.

hate alliance

hate everything about them...

love paladins...

there's my choice.
He's walking like a dead man,
If he had lived he would crucified us all - Iron Maiden

User Info: Scortchedv2

9 years ago#8
I made a BE warlock, just because.
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User Info: linkcloudarthas

9 years ago#9
Yea, i really wish there was a male version of the blood elf
"Have you learn to tite the kauren?" ~Rokumaru to me, while drunk and speaking of the Hyjal event where u pull NPCs into the fight.

User Info: debludklud

9 years ago#10
Yawn old topic is yawn old.
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