Mythbusters recently proved that bullets cannot travel underwater

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  3. Mythbusters recently proved that bullets cannot travel underwater

User Info: ggyoulose

8 years ago#1
Yet Blizzard's recent patch fails to acknowledge this scientific breakthrough.
try the hot pockets they're breathtaking

User Info: Deox

8 years ago#2
dont the bullets shatter or something? This isnt new news
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User Info: Eternis

8 years ago#3
two words
Titans Grip

you think mere physics will prevent your bullets travelling?
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User Info: xTheshame

8 years ago#4
I dual wield palm trees.
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User Info: frber

8 years ago#5
What if you fired handguns under water while in the military? What does that prove?

User Info: alextal09

8 years ago#6
WOW isn't real life... when do you ever see ORCS running about wielding glowing axes? Apart from on a friday night after a few bevvies

User Info: ggyoulose

8 years ago#7
At least those orcs obey physics. Am I too believe that every ranged weapon is enchanted to work underwater now? Preposterous, Simply Preposterous.
try the hot pockets they're breathtakingante

User Info: bluenosedcoop

8 years ago#8
On that mythbusters i'm sure they found that smaller calibre bullets from handguns actually did travel underwater think it was the 9mm was lethal at something like 8ft.
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User Info: U_sUx_My_s0x

8 years ago#9
They do travel underwater, but they either shatter when they hit the target, most of the time the bullet won't even make to the target. If it's a automatic weapon for example, you can only fire 1 bullet underwater, cuz the water will literally lock the bullets in the cartridge.
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User Info: Squadala

8 years ago#10
If you're strong you just throw the bullets through the water so fast it has roughly the same effect.
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  3. Mythbusters recently proved that bullets cannot travel underwater

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