Is it viable to go to Northrend at 68?

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  3. Is it viable to go to Northrend at 68?

User Info: Nemesis23345

8 years ago#1
Because atm, I got a 68 rogue, I want to know if I should train him a couple more levels or leave him and go to Northrend once the expansion hits
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User Info: Krakjunior

8 years ago#2
Northrend is a level 68+ level zone but the higher the level you go at, the easier it is going to be to quest there. So though you can keep your Rogue at level 68, it would be best to just to hit level 70.

User Info: blizaki

8 years ago#3
its always better to lvl up asap. theres no point in staying the same lvl unless ur twink

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User Info: kaze950

8 years ago#4
Might as well level, but its intended that you can go to northrend at level 68 (especially since there are two starter zones), the same way you go straight to outland at 58
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User Info: AMonkey

8 years ago#5
Why wouldn't you level now? God some questsions.

User Info: ti83magic

8 years ago#6
^ Well... leveling in 68 gear in a considerate amount of time, or doing the same in 70+ gear in a lot less time, but with the risk of running out of quests... it's not THAT bad of a question :)
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User Info: AMonkey

8 years ago#7

You continue leveling in Outland with Outland gear and you don't even have any other choice right now or...

You wait a week, go to Northrend get the crap kicked out of you by every 70+, have a tougher time leveling due to gear not being good(there's a jump between Outland and Northrend enemies like in pre BC to BC) and you naturally have a harder time since you aren't 2 levels higher.

User Info: PhillyCheese

8 years ago#8
The quests in Northrend would give more exp than the quests in outland likely, and you need considerably less experience to level from 68-70, than 70-71. So you could hit 68-70 faster doing northrend quests, than getting 68-70 doing outland quests.

User Info: AMonkey

8 years ago#9
But doing Northrend at 70 will be a lot faster than at 68. Even more so if you're on a PvP server.

User Info: yatesll

8 years ago#10
I'll be ganking anyone in Northrend who's not 70.
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  3. Is it viable to go to Northrend at 68?

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