Mage: Undead or Troll?

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User Info: Eye_of_Horus

9 years ago#1
I honestly can't decide which would make a better mage, since I love both races.

I plan on PvPing and Instancing/Raiding with this character mostly

User Info: TheStrange

9 years ago#2

I hate mage/priest Trolls.
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User Info: FF_Redux

9 years ago#3
I chose undead, love it but I want to be troll now....
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User Info: Scutchington

9 years ago#4
Once you go troll you can't re-roll.
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User Info: VyseTheValiant

9 years ago#5
>_> PvP and Raiding / instancing are pretty much the only things to do in the game at level 80, and they're completely different....

My mage is undead, simply because of WotF, best PvP racial alongside Escape artist. Also, I love eating allies when I kill them.

Trolls make good mages I believe, my friend has an 80 troll frost mage and with his haste gear, icy veins, and berserking I think he said he got his frostbolt to around a 1.7 second cast. time, which is nuts.

However, Blood Elves are always a good choice for any caster because of the mana regain and the extra silence.
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User Info: giga mario

giga mario
9 years ago#6
I hear arena teams don't like troll mages/priests, but I've never seen it myself.

Also; an equal level troll mage and undead mage are standing next to each other. Guess who's probably going to get targeted first.
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User Info: Toofy321

9 years ago#7
I'd kill the undead first personally, because I hate all undead players with a passion

User Info: animazing

9 years ago#8
The most important thing is to learn how to play the guitar before you get 50,000 dollars worth of complicated gear -Slash
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User Info: Balinor

9 years ago#9
Troll! TROLL!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: R_Jackal

9 years ago#10
Troll Arcane Mages in PvP are fairly well off due to haste stacking and Berserking.

Troll Frost Mages are good in PvP as well, but they just lack an escape like WotF. But, they can get their cast times low enough to the point that a seperate class may not have enough time to interrupt them.
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