Fury Warrior: Is using 2 two-handed weapons worth it?

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User Info: Mental-X

8 years ago#1
I've been using now it 'till level 68. I'm going to get the expansion at monday.
I liked it myself but I heard that it's not worth using it right now, and that it's only useful at 80.
What do you guys think? Should I change my spec when I start playing on Northrend?

User Info: littlebro07

8 years ago#2
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User Info: Mental-X

8 years ago#3
Really? Thought that was the tanking spec...

User Info: Frinks

8 years ago#4
it is, although they've made it so it levels just as well as any other one
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User Info: Zuyn

8 years ago#5
Protection got really buffed up and is now on-par or even superior to fury while leveling.

Different playstyle but it works.
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User Info: Yubbus

8 years ago#6
I think it's totally worth it. Due to both the fact that 2-hs are slower and they have higher dps to start with, your whirlwinds do about 4 times as much damage and you get more out of your flurry; but you gotta make sure to do 1 thing right.

You see, normally duel wielding gives you a 19% pernalty hit chance to only your auto-attacks but not your "moves". So duelwielders always had to work out whether it's worth it to boost their hit rating to help their auto attacks while their moves are already capped.

Now with titan grip, you have 19% penalty to autoattacks and 5% to moves, so what it does is close the gap between the 2. So you'll need make very sure you compensate at least 5% hit chance (+3% for hitting equal level or whatever % for the level you're trying to hit).

To put another way, even if you didn't use Titan's grip so you didn't have the 5% to hit with moves, you might still want to give yourself some % to hit to boost your auto attack contribution anyway.

1 overlooked plus side to 2 2-handed weapon is that you can wield 2 2-h that do fun things like The Ravager. What's more, I'm sure there are some seriously nasty combos from 2 2-hs I haven't noticed because it hasn't occuerred to us to look for them before.
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User Info: Mental-X

8 years ago#7
OK, i'm pretty interested in this protection leveling thing now...
Would be sweet, since I could level up and do instances at the same time....
But how does gear works? I guess if you lvl you use DPS gear?
Also, does anyone have a good talent build for it?

User Info: Chaotic_Anarki

8 years ago#8
For the best results with Prot spec leveling, you should gear for fury.
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User Info: Blubyyou

8 years ago#9
Level prot. At your gear level, it will be faster and easier. Using arms effectively requires quite decent gear, something around at least T5+S3, and fury is even more gear dependant.

User Info: Mental-X

8 years ago#10
Thanks for all the answers.

Other question: When i'll arrive in Northrend, i'll have pretty crap gear.
Why? I did instances: The problem is, I was always with at least two death knights
in an instance, and they stealed away everything I need >.<
The only item I won was a blue sword from Hell ramps....

Will I have problems leveling in Northrend? I can post my armory if you want...
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