Just hit 80, now where do i gear up?

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User Info: Lestat-

8 years ago#1
so i finally hit 80. yay me. now i've heard enough about people being in crappy gear trying to run heroics. so i'm not even going to try to get into any groups yet. so... how do i go about getting gear good enough to be acceptable? i could grind for money and buy them off the AH. but i'm trying to save up for my epic flyer. So what instances/quests offer gear that can get me accepted into heroics, or not make me an easy target in BGs?
any help appreciated.
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User Info: TwistedCrow

8 years ago#2
Really? You didn't even look for regular level 80 instances before coming here?
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User Info: xXMaxie360Xx

8 years ago#3
Try to find some 77+ blues for your class/role on the auction house, or check out the Icecrown/Sholazar/Storm peaks quest rewards at wowhead and see if there are some good upgrades. Other than that, run the regular 80 instances and some easier heroics like VH, Nexus and UK. Hope this helped :)
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User Info: Toe_Jamulonis

8 years ago#4
Run these instances on Normal

Culling of Strat
Halls of Lightning
Halls of Stone
Utgarde Pinnacle

Also, grab the quests for these instances, as they have good rewards, especially UP, I got 2 pieces I used for a while there.

Also, quests in Ice Crown tend to have decent rewards and start working on your rep with Knights of Ebon blade, Argent Crusade, and others as you will be able to buy lovely enchants and gear at exalted which happens quick.

I suggest you get the addon, Atlasloot, so you can study what loot comes from where to make the best upgrades, or use the "Find upgrade" button on wowarmory to see where you can make big steps easily on your gear.

Good luck and happy hunting
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User Info: Idontlikejokes

8 years ago#5
Im undergeared. I still run heroics sucessfully, never wipe (LOL AT ROGUES), and im ALWAYS last in dps, even behind a feral tank!
You have to gear up somewhere, just hope your group doesnt have recount, or make up some mad lame excuse that you stoned or somehting.
Either way, avoid Heroic nexxus and old kingdon, everything else is easymode.
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User Info: Vohod

8 years ago#6
Look at boss loot tables on the internet or download atlasloot. There is usually a good item for every class in every 80 instance (HoS, HoL, Occ, UP, CoS)
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User Info: why_not

8 years ago#7


It has some pretty good loot tables. It breaks it down by instances and zones so you just pick your class and look for upgrades.

User Info: LousStevens

8 years ago#8
start heroics....unless u are a tank
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User Info: Lestat-

8 years ago#9
well thanks for the info folks. it's a big world and i had no idea where to even start looking for gear. i had been thinking of atlasloot for awhile now, guess it's finally time to break down and get it.
i'm at work so alot of gaming sites are blocked to me right now. now at least i'll have places to start looking when i get home.
thanks again!
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User Info: FunsterX77

8 years ago#10
If you must start heroics, play intelligently.

I don't mind crap-geared people 'mooching' off a tank in heroics, but anyone who is mooching while making no effort whatsoever should be insta-kicked from the group.
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