Best place to farm for Lichbloom?

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User Info: Razor_Rider

8 years ago#1
I've been doing circles around Jotunheim gathering like that. I've been getting a stack of both Lichbloom and Icethorn about every 1/2 hour. I've tried Storm Peaks, but only for a little while, is it better?

User Info: SlyClone2k

8 years ago#2
No they're about the same. Just depends on who else is farming them with you.

User Info: Paris

8 years ago#3
I always pick up a load while doing my Hodir dailies. I generally find node spawns to be more spaced out in Icecrown, so I'd suggest Storm Peaks.
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User Info: ClownRoyal

8 years ago#4
Storm peaks overall is good, but with everyone and their grandma grinding Hodir rep lately, you may find that there's too much competition around Dun Niffelem for profitable routes. I generally make loops around Engine of the Makers, and find plenty of herbs.

If the Dun Niffelem area is sparsely populated by players on your server, definitely go there. I used to pick herbs there while hunting frost chips and would come back to town with 6+ stacks of Lichbloom and Icethorn after about 2 hours.
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  3. Best place to farm for Lichbloom?

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