New BoA items - increases all xp by 200%

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User Info: Moonknlght

8 years ago#1
So i see a lot of people loathing the 1-60 grind, myself included. you have 2 or more level 80s, 3 or more level 60+, and numerous alts of various levels.

you know the eastern kingdoms and kalimdor like the back of your hand. you are faster to know where to go or what to do than questhelper can retrieve the information.

so my proposition is that there should be some long quest chain that makes you get an item from the final boss in each raid instance. all of them. MC, BWL, Ony, Naxx, AQ 20/40, Gruuls, TK, etc. and even if you have already done them with your guild in the old xpac or vanilla WoW, it won't count. this quest is fresh and you need to do them over. obviously some will be easier than others (2 manning or soloing ony) but it will be more of a time sink task (except naxx, the new one i mean and such).

along with a gold fee and maybe some rare/expensive mats, your reward would be a piece of gear with 200% xp from quests and mob kills. so now you can take that druid alt of yours who's been sitting at level 6 for a year now and get him to level 30 in hours!

Jumping increases DPS.

User Info: Enclosure

8 years ago#2
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User Info: Moonknlght

8 years ago#3
Jumping increases DPS.

User Info: Ruzinus

8 years ago#4
1-80 now is faster than 1-60 was before, and 1-58 is less than a third of that 1-80 timewise.

Is that not enough?
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User Info: DarkSeraphim123

8 years ago#5
Or I could call my buddy Leeroy and RAF him and level from 1-60 with 300% exp!

Watch out, he likes to run into whelps a lot...
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User Info: RAPID_oXiDaTiOn

8 years ago#6
As much as i would love an item that boosted you to level 58 instantly, or a trinket that always gave you rested XP, or even an item that BoA that gives 200% XP, it just wont happen.

By the looks of it, the 10% BoA shoulders and RAF are your only options to speed up leveling, and I think thats about all we're going to get.

User Info: Moonknlght

8 years ago#7
i like the fact that bliz is trying to make the 1-60 grind easier. but with RAF you have to rely on someone else and their time too. and 10% is definitely worth it, but still. its a tiresome grind that many of us have done before. that grind alone is enough for me not to make any more characters.
Jumping increases DPS.

User Info: _AdjI_

8 years ago#8
If no alts had to go through the grind, then the old zones would be even more deserted than they are now. Any actual new players would be left to wonder where the "multiplayer" part of the game went.
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