Easiest proto-drake to get?

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User Info: FlyingAlpaca

8 years ago#1
After a week of farming and a quick loan from a friend, I finally got my epic flying mount training/gryphon. However, while the gryphon is cool and all, I'd love to become a mount collector. After I pay back that little loan from a friend, I'll be free to spend my gold elsewhere. For instance, I'm going to be buying a Red Drake, as I've been exalted with Wyrmrest since November.

Thing is, I'd really like a proto-drake. Can anyone give me some details on which is the easiest to get? And by easiest, I mean takes less time and can be obtained by someone who isn't exactly the most.....loved.....person on the server.

Thanks :)
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User Info: ShAdE_sLaYeR_16

8 years ago#2
oracles rep reward
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User Info: Bald-n-Nekkid

8 years ago#3
Time-Lost and Green, but the latter is purely based on luck and the former would require an ass load of camping, and a nice chunk of luck
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User Info: lordofchipmunks

8 years ago#4
The red. And get revered with oracles. And run UP everyday. And do holiday.

User Info: ArmedxResponse

8 years ago#5
I would say the green one from exalted rep with the oracles, but that is time consuming as you have to wait 1 week for the egg you buy to hatch...easy though.
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User Info: CatToy

8 years ago#6
Green would probably be "easiest", but very time consuming with it's drop rate.
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User Info: Jedibaracuda

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Jedibaracuda

8 years ago#8
To maximize your chances of getting a proto-drake:

1): Get revered with the Oracles and always have a mysterious egg in your inventory.
2): Run H UP every day
3): Go for the heroic achievements whenever possible.
4): Spend free time patrolling the Time-Lost Proto-Drake's route in Storm Peaks. Extremely boring, extremely time consuming, and still very luck based. To give you an idea of how rare it is, it has a 1 in 15 chance of spawning in place of Vyragosa, another rare spawn.
5): Don't bother with the raid ones. By the time you get all of them, 3.1 will be out and the drakes will be gone.

But to answer your question, how easy a proto-drake is to get would depend on your luck. If you are a very unlucky person like me, than the easiest time-wise would probably be the Red Proto-Drake which you get from doing a list of achievements in heroic 5 mans which range from 'so-easy-you'll-get without-even-trying' to 'banging-your-head -against t-he-wall-frustrating'.

If by easy, you mean least amount of effort, than Green Proto-Drake from the Oracles is, by far, the easiest.
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User Info: Fdshadow

8 years ago#9
Luck is luck, as in 'random', thus the Green Drake and the Time-Lost are both easy and hard to get. You could get the Plagued and the Red Drakes and still not have them.

The Blue is the easiest, IMO. Heroics are simple enough, if you can win the roll.
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User Info: acidraver666

8 years ago#10
black, All I had to do was attend raids and it came in the mail after a few weeks
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