Confirmed cross-faction phrases you guys know?

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  3. Confirmed cross-faction phrases you guys know?

User Info: Duckboy

8 years ago#1
All I know is

e g p ee ff

which works, because I had a belf warlock complain to me in my realm forum about using it while chasing him down in a bg.

which ones do you guys know that work?
Derp - The Sentinel

User Info: Duckboy

8 years ago#2
sorry it's

E g p Ee ff

and it translates to 'You Lose' when horde see it (I'm alliance)
Derp - The Sentinel

User Info: Blacknosugar

8 years ago#3
Horde: O Y O ---> L O L to Alliance.
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User Info: EzMoade

8 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Michelles_back9

8 years ago#5
K e K is L o L when you say it as Horde.

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User Info: PokePTJ

8 years ago#6
as Horde to Alliance:

"oi ded" is "no kil"

"pp pp pp" is "ha ha ha"

User Info: EzMoade

8 years ago#7
Have you tried it? I'm sure it's just coincidence that it works, but get an Alliance friend and try it. I have personally confirmed it.
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User Info: GodisaGenie

8 years ago#8
not african american is american african

User Info: muffinz10

8 years ago#9
Alli -> Horde:

One-letter words A, E, I, O, U, Y
Two-letter words An, Ko, Lo, Lu, Me, Ne, Re, Ru, Se, Ti, Va, Ve
Three-letter words Ash, Bor, Bur, Far, Gol, Hir, Lon, Mod, Nud, Ras, Ver, Vil, Vos
Four-letter words Ador, Agol, Dana, Goth, Lars, Noth, Nuff, Odes, Ruff, Thor, Uden, Veld, Vohl, Vrum
Five-letter words Algos, Barad, Borne, Melka, Ergin, Eynes, Garde, Gloin, Majis, Nagan, Novas, Regen, Tiras, Wirsh
Six-letter words Aesire, Aziris, Daegil, Danieb, Ealdor, Engoth, Goibon, Mandos, Nevren, Rogesh, Rothas, Ruftos, Skilde, Valesh, Vandar, Waldir
Seven-letter words Andovis, Ewiddan, Faergas, Forthis, Kaelsig, Koshvel, Lithtos, Nandige, Nostyec, Novaedi, Sturume, Vassild
Eight-letter words Aldonoth, Cynegold, Endirvis, Hamerung, Landowar, Lordaere, Methrine, Ruftvess, Thorniss
Nine-letter words Aetwinter, Danagarde, Eloderung, Firalaine, Gloinador, Gothalgos, Regenthor, Udenmajis, Vandarwos, Veldbarad
Ten-letter words Aelgestron, Cynewalden, Danavandar, Dyrstigost, Falhedring, Vastrungen
Eleven-letter words Agolandovis, Bornevalesh, Dornevalesh, Farlandowar, Forthasador, Thorlithtos, Vassildador, Wershaesire
Twelve-letter words Golveldbarad, Golveldbarad, Mandosdaegil, Nevrenrothas, Waldirskilde

Horde ->Alli

One-letter words A, N, G, O, L
Two-letter words Ha, Ko, No, Mu, Ag, Ka, Gi, Il
Three-letter words Lok, Tar, Kaz, Ruk, Kek, Mog, Zug, Gul, Nuk, Aaz, Kil, Ogg
Four-letter words Rega, Nogu, Tago, Uruk, Kagg, Zaga, Grom, Ogar, Gesh, Thok, Dogg, Maka, Maza
Five-letter words Regas, Nogah, Kazum, Magan, No'bu, Golar, Throm, Zugas, Re'ka, No'ku, Ro'th
Six-letter words Thrakk, Revash, Nakazz, Moguna, No'gor, Goth'a, Raznos, Ogerin, Gezzno, Thukad, Makogg, Aaz'no
Seven-letter words Lok'Tar, Gul'rok, Kazreth, Tov'osh, Zil'Nok, Rath'is, Kil'azi
Eight-letter words Throm'ka, Osh'Kava, Gul'nath, Kog'zela, Ragath'a, Zuggossh, Moth'aga
Nine-letter words Tov'nokaz, Osh'kazil, No'throma, Gesh'nuka, Lok'mogul, Lok'bolar, Ruk'ka'ha
Ten-letter words Regasnogah, Kazum'nobu, Throm'bola, Gesh'zugas, Maza'rotha, Ogerin'naz
Eleven-letter words Thrakk'reva, Kaz'goth'no, No'gor'goth, Kil'azi'aga, Zug-zug'ama, Maza'thrakk
Twelve-letter words Lokando'nash, Ul'gammathar, Golgonnashar, Dalggo'mazah
Thirteen-letter words Khaz'rogg'ahn, Moth'kazoroth

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User Info: fatman148

8 years ago#10
nice copy and paste there. and WHOOSH
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