How do you pronounce "duel"?

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User Info: deerman420

8 years ago#11

User Info: RetributionV2

8 years ago#12
"I'll TURD the **** out of you." - Chewy
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User Info: theplok

8 years ago#13
It's spelled rogue, not rouge!

User Info: Mister_Rabbit

8 years ago#14
duel is pronounced the same as dual. Just like cent, sent, and scent. Or Which and witch. Did you pass the 3rd grade?

"...For what power would hell have if those imprisoned there would not be able to dream of heaven?" - Morpheus

User Info: MisTaCowCow

8 years ago#15
My bro used to pronounced "wand" the way its spelled >_>
lol omg

User Info: adjl

8 years ago#16
Or Which and witch.

Actually, the "wh" in "which" means its pronunciation is subtly different from that of "witch." They aren't technically homophones.
"Your" is possessive. "You're" is a contraction of "You are."
It's not that complicated. Get it right.

User Info: djinni204

8 years ago#17
Cool story Hansel.

User Info: PallyHeroRush52

8 years ago#18

User Info: Master-Rodvy

8 years ago#19
My bro used to pronounced "wand" the way its spelled >_>

Preposterous. Shenanigans and Pishposh.

User Info: Ninja_Doilyn

8 years ago#20
I pronounce every word letter by letter.

I'm like Jean-Claude Van Damme, but instead of fighting people, I have sex with them.
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  3. How do you pronounce "duel"?

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