FACT: Flying mounts replaced atmosphere with convenience, and are killing WoW.

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  3. FACT: Flying mounts replaced atmosphere with convenience, and are killing WoW.

User Info: strycubus

8 years ago#31
OP doesn't have an amani war bear nor an ironbound proto drake

Only Mega Trout can make lesser trolls jealous, not because of wow, but due to his maxed skill in trolling
You can't miss something you never had.

User Info: Loctondan

8 years ago#32
FACT: Writing opinions as facts like this doesn't help with convincing. I hate flying mounts, are they ruining WoW? I don't know because I don't spend so much time ******** about anything I can. How do you look in the mirror? For this disrespect I will now stop typing.

User Info: RoXaS__________

8 years ago#33
I came into this topic ready to flame the hell out of you MEGA.....

But after reading that absurdly long post..i agree (not completely) but i do agree somewhat.

A flying mount is something that only the elite should have. Like when you see that Netherwing drake flying above you....you think to yourself "god that guy has no life it takes forever to get one". I think i forgot where i was going with this.

Oh yeah i remember....yeah no flying mounts would suck.

User Info: Kraide

8 years ago#34

From: Major Gamer | #011
Wait... you actually think this is a serious topic?

This. Holy cow, some people have actually taken this seriously. I was wondering how many "agrees" he'd get, this was probably the more interesting of his trolls... he actually worked to word his post with some feeling. A perfect trap, to be honest. I don't agree that convenience is a problem, but I do find this particular round of trolling to be interesting.
"I am allowed double standards. You are not"
-my girlfriend

User Info: fan357

8 years ago#35
Since the Maelstrom is next expansion, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, no flying mounts.

....Instead we get underwater :D

^^^I doubt they will make flying mounts useless.
Wow people will sig anything these days -HaMMeRHeaD25
Supporter of the PS360 movement.

User Info: frber

8 years ago#36
Its pretty obvious that flying isn't good for gameplay. However after having introduced it they can't remove it really. Not much they can do except not make the same misstake in the next game.

User Info: Shadow Dino

Shadow Dino
8 years ago#37
Gogo Undead Monstrous Kaliri in every zone?
Bart, with $10,000, we'd be millionaires! We could buy all kinds of useful things like...love! ~Homer J. Simpson

User Info: VasDeferens

8 years ago#38
Ha ! By patch 5.1 or whatever, Blizzard might even ditch the whole mount thing and give us Fast Travel like in Oblivion.

User Info: Rezidentdevil

8 years ago#39
Wow this is the most useless Mega trout topic yet, of all the things to complain about in this game, this has got to be the dumbest. Seriously all of you people agreeing with this is really just sad.
Also, if you hate the flying mounts "SO MUCH" (Which I truely find laughable) then "News Flash" DON'T USE IT!
"War does not determine who is right, only who is left" Wadsworth.

User Info: Boktaioursun

8 years ago#40
Does this mean that flight masters and Hearthstones are bad too?
Look, I didn't ask if there was or wasn't a fee, I am asking HOW MUCH?
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  3. FACT: Flying mounts replaced atmosphere with convenience, and are killing WoW.

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