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Idea for a New CoT Instance

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User Info: hyperdogxxl

7 years ago#1
Ok, it's fairly obvious that the Bronze Dragonflight is very much against changing history, even if it seems for the better, right? Also, your character is often duped into doing seemingly harmless tasks for a very, VERY bad guy. (Loken, Ambercrombie, etc.) Now, what if you combine the two?

The instance starts off sending you back to Arthas' invasion of Quel'Thalas where someone, Chromie perhaps, instructs you to protect a battalion of elf troops that are being ambushed by the Scourge. The player does this, and after finishing the instance, finds out that in fact those elves were supposed to die and he was manipulated into changing the very timeline he was supposed to be preserving.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the Bronze Dragonflight sends you back in time to stop yourself from changing the past. The final boss is your group that the group that you entered the instance with. Upon killing your group the NPC "You" complains about the noobs in his group and how they keep wiping and leaves the instance, preserving the timeline.

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User Info: DaggerStallion

7 years ago#2

interesting *rubs chin*
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User Info: duh1177

7 years ago#3
That...would be pretty funny.
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User Info: ZeroHiei

7 years ago#4
CoT: Fan of Knives
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User Info: LinkofHyrule991

7 years ago#5
I like it, maybe the bad guy could be Nozdormu since it's hinted he's the leader of the infinite Dragonflight and he wouldn't need to do much to get you and Chromie to do this.
Also it reminds me of the idea of CoT:Deadmines idea I've heard before. Where the Infinite Dragonflight is attempting to destroy you in the past and you must protect your level 17~ selves from the Infinites as they clear Deadmines.
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User Info: pwn_teh_noobz

7 years ago#6
Upon killing your group the NPC "You" complains about the noobs in his group and how they keep wiping and leaves the instance, preserving the timeline.

I lol'd.
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User Info: stevegauch

7 years ago#7
hey.... thats heroic VC right there :3
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User Info: Julian50

7 years ago#8
I like.
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User Info: Darth_Bob

7 years ago#9
I like both ideas, especially the Deadmines one. I had one idea where you get sent into the future to punch the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight's leader in the face and tell them to stopping f'ing with time.

User Info: ALTgonreality

7 years ago#10
I'd personally like to see CoT instances preserving old-world versions of instances that have/are going to be revamped, complete with their original loot lists. Include a mechanic that scales you based on gear level to how you'd be equipped back in original WoW (or even make you pilot a vehicle version of yourself with original WoW skills to keep complete authenticity) so you can truly experience it the way it used to be played.
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