what exactly does setting the loot threshold do?

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  3. what exactly does setting the loot threshold do?


7 years ago#1
I just found out about it and I tried changing it to rare but i noticed no difference... is setting the loot to epic the only way to get purple items in level 40-60 dungeons? Thank you.

User Info: adjl

7 years ago#2
It sets the minimum rarity an item must have to be rolled for or master looted. If you set it to grey then you'll be rolling for every piece of vendor trash that drops. if you set it to epic then greens and blues will just go to whoever loots the mob.
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User Info: Kraide

7 years ago#3
What he said. It's basically what level you have to "roll" on (or in the case of master loot, the minimum threshold of loot the loot master will have to dole out by hand).

Usually it's set to uncommon, which means you have to roll on every green, blue, epic, and legendary item. Whites and Grays are just picked up by whoever loots the mob. If you set it to rare, it does not raise the amount of rare items you'll find at all... but it will keep you from having to roll on green items. Good, perhaps, if you are running a raid and every mob is dropping greens and you are on group loot. Setting it to epic is more common for a raid group utilizing master loot, and the blue items can just go to whoever loots while being able to hand out only epics with rolls to make the raid run a little faster.
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  3. what exactly does setting the loot threshold do?

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