Warrior or DK for DPS?

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User Info: _Cleric

7 years ago#1
I'm debating between a Fury Warrior and DW DK for dps. I'm really interested in playing, and I like both of these classes because they can tank. I'm sort of leaning towards Warrior because it seems like there are so many DKs and it seems they have such a bad reputation. I almost never join a group for a heroic without a dk already being in the group. I'm not worried if either a Warrior or DK is not the absolute best tank at the moment, because I'm more of a casual raider and any raid guild I join isn't huge on min/maxing. So, I'm just looking for some advice. Thanks in advance.
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User Info: DeviantOne

7 years ago#2
Both do great DPS and can tank well. DK can self heal.

User Info: Sellus Gravius

Sellus Gravius
7 years ago#3
Warrior, hands down.

User Info: RoughNTumble

7 years ago#4
As a non-fail DK, the discrimination is pretty infuriating.
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User Info: CrazyFool319

7 years ago#5
Id say DK, they tend to dps a tad better, their resources are much more easily managed. Warrior is good, but if you are planning on a new char, dks start at 55 and will get you into end game much much faster.

User Info: Downsmash

7 years ago#6
DK. +20% melee haste, +13% spell damage taken, easily spreadable in AoE, or +10% attack power buffs. Take your pick.

User Info: Agentorange657

7 years ago#7
Both dks and warriors do almost the exact same damage single target (at higher ends, a dk will pull ahead however), but a warrior will pull good numbers on aoe whereas a dk will pull amazing numbers.

Both are great, but a dk is slightly "better". Go with w/e you're fine with either.

now if you said spreist or dk.....
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User Info: BF_Skinner

7 years ago#8
in my experience, as of late, dual wield frost DK's are often near the top of the charts while warriors always seem to be in the middle

inb4 i group with bad warriors
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User Info: Worgen_Freeman

7 years ago#9
Deathknights. And I have both DK and warrior at level 80 at around the same level of gear. Warrs just can't touch DKs. Especially in ToC where all the fights have some form of 2 or more target phases.

User Info: Boge

7 years ago#10
Play the one you think is more fun because regardless of which one is stronger, all classes have their ups and downs and you'll end up on the downside sooner or later. It's whether you enjoy the class that will get you through the storm.
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