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User Info: Subby33

8 years ago#1
Okay, so now everyone and their mother wants a "gear score" before you can do pretty much anything.

My gear score is 4,100. Everything is above 200 level . . but I only have PVE gear from heroics. Funny enough my gear score is way higher in PVP gear but whatever.

Problem is I dont roll with a guild, and everyone wants 4,700 gear score for the most ridiculous crap. And they want me to link "achievement" to prove I have done the raid before. I mean, 4,700 gear score to do 10man nax is so ridiculous.

Only problem is I haven't done any raiding, I've only been doing heroics to gear up. So how am I supposed to get into a raid?

I've joined a couple of guild, but they are a disaster. To get into a decent guild, you already need a high gear score.

So what can a person in my situation do, to get my gear score up? I'm a Holy Priest btw.

User Info: AMonkey

8 years ago#2
Use the achievment faker, join pugs that don't check gear scores/migrate to Europe where the stupidity of gear scores hasn't taken off.

User Info: mateve

8 years ago#3
From Heroics, you can get the following slots filled with at least 213 gear:

--Emblems of Conquest--
Head (226) (T 8.5)
Chest (226) (T 8.5)
Neck (226)
Gloves (226)
Pants (226)
Belt (226)

--Trial of the Crusader (Heroic)--
Weapon (219)
DPS Ring (219)
DPS Cloak (219)
DPS Boots (219)

--Emblems of Valor--
Cloak (213)
Ring (213)
Ring (213)
Boots (213)
Bracers (213)

Now, depending on your healing style, you might also want the healing T 7.5 pants and shoulders; however, the conquest pants are better if you don't take into account the set bonus, and those are two very expensive pieces of gear (60 emblems each).

From this list, there are 11 pieces of Holy Gear you can get from those Emblems of Conquest. To get all of them, you need 58 + 58 + 38 + 29 + 29 + 19 + 25 + 25 + 25 + 40 + 60 + 60, or 406. Given that the average Heroic gives four Emblems of Conquest each, that's roughly 102 heroics you need to run, which should be even less with the odd Naxxramas thrown in there (there are groups who need healers for it and don't have ridiculously high standards).

As for using an achievement faker to get into groups, if someone inspects you, or if you don't perform well, you could potentially be saved to a raid for one boss. The best way to get into groups is to be honest and available; meaning, if someone says, "LF1M Healz for Naxx," whisper them and say you can come, but you don't know the fights. At the very least, they'll be a bit more understanding than usual.
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User Info: fire_djinni

8 years ago#4
Use the achievment faker, join pugs that don't check gear scores/migrate to Europe where the stupidity of gear scores hasn't taken off.

As if...on my server they're spamming LFG with "LF 3 more to Raid XXXXXXXXXX, link achievement and need 4-5k DPS And gearscore of 4500"

It's rediculous. Also, I wonder how the hell new players are ever getting to get into endgame without being carried...

I long for a new server that doesn't get transfers until a year later...
Golden Rule of World of Warcraft: Anyone who has achieved less than me is a noob. Anyone who has achieved more than me has no life.

User Info: AMonkey

8 years ago#5
I haven't seen any gear score crap on TH, maybe it was too much to hope it was the same realm wide.

User Info: Subby33

8 years ago#6
Wow. Thanks Mateve.

User Info: penguin_god_777

8 years ago#7
Not changing this sig until The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is realeased on the PSN
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User Info: Corndog

8 years ago#8
Yeah, good post, mateve. I wish there were more helpful posts and less trolls on Gfaqs anymore.
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User Info: IAmNotTyph

8 years ago#9
People ask for 4700-4800 GS for VoA 25 on Blackrock as far as I've seen.

User Info: Tloya

8 years ago#10
Kirin Tor doesn't beg for gear score, but it's a low-caliber RP server

Now that I think of it, neither does Ner'zhul, a high-class PvP server with good progression, although you do see a lot more "will be gear check" and "must link achievement" stuff there.
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