Dungeon lock question

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User Info: VoiceOfThunder

7 years ago#1
I just did my first Heroic dungeon, The Nexus. I like and I want to do it again, but it locked me out saying I already did it. How long before I can do the same dungeon again?


User Info: Golbat

7 years ago#2
Type /raidinfo and it'll show you all of your lockouts, as well as when they expire.
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User Info: highatrisk

7 years ago#3
It resets every 24 hours (I think at noon server). Pick a different one. Good ones to do for new players are UK, VH, and CoS. Or you can just join random ones.

User Info: amzgspyderman

7 years ago#4
heroics usually reset at 6 or 7 AM server time, if i recall correctly. be aware that the random dungeon tool ignores those locks. sometimes if you choose to do the random dungeon you'll get thrown back into one you've already done that day.
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User Info: Lunacy182

7 years ago#5
I know on my server it resets at 7:49am server time.
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User Info: woody71

7 years ago#6
EU server reset at 6 or 7 AM
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User Info: Ness0123456789

7 years ago#7
Heroics reset every day at around 6 AM server time now (used to be 8 Server I believe). So once you do a heroic, you won't be able to do that heroic again until that time the next day, or unless you get it as a random heroic.

Raids reset every Tuesday at 6 AM server as well I believe. So once you do a raid, you won't be able to do a fresh run of that raid until the following Tuesday after maintenance.
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User Info: highatrisk

7 years ago#8
Changes depending on the sever. Mine, on Area 52, reset at 11am daily.

User Info: __BlackPooL__

7 years ago#9
When you pick a specific Heroic, it locks until roughly 8am the next morning.

10/25 Man Raids lock for a week, which I think turns over on Tuesday mornings. IE, if you ran tonight it would be open again tomorrow, but if you ran it again tomorrow, it wouldn't be open again until the following Tuesday.

User Info: Voidgolem

7 years ago#10
Locked until tomorrow.

The exception is if you get lucky with Dungeon Finder, it ignores instance locks (but, apparently, tries to avoid picking instances that have been done already)
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