Most painless way to get a Nether Ray mount (from skyguard faction)?

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  3. Most painless way to get a Nether Ray mount (from skyguard faction)?

User Info: FunsterX77

7 years ago#1
I want to add that to my collection, but it seems like a heck of a lot of trouble... I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but this seems ridiculously pedantic.

Has anyone tried farming Skyguard rep @ 80 and found a relatively painless way to do it? It doesn't have to be the FASTEST... more like doing a circular route of quests that is quick and convenient.

I remember I did get a nether ray with an older alt, but that took forever, and I thought Blizz would have nerfed it (sort of like Netherdrake rep) so it would much easier to farm.
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User Info: xayber

7 years ago#2

Do all the quests. Mindlessly kill things for rep and drops. Turn in drops for rep.

I think I banged out revered to exalted over 2 or 3 afternoons. Not much competition for mobs and they are all easy kills. It is pretty much mindlessly running around killing things and collecting drops. I didn't even bother with the quests up in Blade's Edge (tho I should have for the ogri'la rep).

User Info: Nomadic View

Nomadic View
7 years ago#3
It is a pain in the ass. I did it just for the albino drake. I would hope that's the only reason you're doing it as well, because those things are ugly as bulldog with a wasp in it's mouth.
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User Info: AMonkey

7 years ago#4
Do dailies then just kill the skettis at the skyguard camp, turn in dust. Took me like a week at 70, should be a joke now.

User Info: Ubergeneral3

7 years ago#5
the fastest way is to collect the dust and turn them in. Then drink the potion and collect scrolls. Summon the mini bosses and kill them for rep and then kill Terrok. He dropped the trinket for me. Really rare.

Not that bad of a grind but it still hurts.
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User Info: Cannabinator

7 years ago#6
I started when the faction came out and finished last month.
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User Info: Masterjeff54

7 years ago#7
if you think the skyguard rep grind is goin to be bad, I'd hate to see what you think of actual rep grinds like timbermaw or even brood of nozdormu.
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User Info: Mr_Yoru

7 years ago#8
Rep grinds in general are not fun.
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User Info: ian2093

7 years ago#9
I actually rep grinded Timbemaw Hold and the Mag'har on my way to 80. It was more fun then what Sporregar is going to be since it was actually a challenge and you were leveling at the same time.
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User Info: Tloya

7 years ago#10
Sporregar is really fast, though. Everything gives like 750 rep a turn in, and if you're got an epic flyer it's just a matter of wooshing back and forth between the town and the naga camp a dozen times or so.
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